Dry Needling Melbourne

What’s the difference between dry needling and acupuncture?

In a photo it may look identical but dry needling the western form of acupuncture with the difference been that the practitioner inserts the needles into anatomical points rather than the Chinese meridian points.

What can I expect?

Dry needling is designed to stimulate trigger points or muscles that are irritable. The practitioner inserts the needle into points on the body that they can feel are tense. The needles stimulates the trigger point causing the muscle to tighten, but the end result is a deep relaxation of the muscle.

The aim of dry needling is to treat muscle tissue to reduce pain, relax trigger points, stimulate blood circulation and restore function and movement to the muscle. The needles can be inserted into muscles, ligaments, joints and along superficial nerve pathways.

Dry needling is rarely used on its own. Our practitioners will use dry needling as an adjunct to your full treatment plan that may contain soft tissue therapy, exercise prescription and other techniques.

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