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What does our podiatrist do?

Our podiatrist is an AHPRA registered health professional that is qualified in diagnosing and treating the foot and ankle. They are able to treat a wide range of conditions including callouses and corns, ingrown toenails, nail surgeries, bunions, heel pain, sports injuries and more.

Where Physiotherapists & Podiatrists Work Together

At Elevate, our physiotherapists and podiatrists work closely together, regularly cross referring. Generally speaking, it is encouraged to see a podiatrist for specific ankle and/or foot issues. If you are having symptoms in other areas in the body along with the foot and ankle, we encourage a review by a physiotherapist.

Why Choose Us as Your Podiatrist

Expert care

We are a group of health professionals that service the families in our Balwyn community and surrounds. We pride ourselves on our excellent service and expert care. Our practitioners are problem solvers. They do a detailed investigation to get to the bottom of your pain. Once we have an accurate diagnosis, then we create a tailored treatment plan for you. We know that every body is different and that’s why we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Your goals are individual to your life and your circumstances, that’s why you deserve a specific plan that’s made just for you. At Elevate Physio we offer physiotherapy, clinical pilates, podiatry, myotherapy and massage.

Beautiful modern clinic

We don’t believe in curtains between treatment areas and with 6 individual treatment rooms you can expect privacy and quiet. Additionally, our 125sqm gym is fully equipped to meet your rehab and fitness needs. We have Pilates reformers, a trap table, a squat rack, strength cable station, treadmill, exercise bike, gaitscan technology. With over 30 clinical Pilates classes per week we make recovery and strength training easy and fun.

Friendly, professional service

We’ve been serving the Balwyn community for 7 years and you can expect to be greeted by our warm, friendly reception team who will make your visit pleasant and smooth. Our practitioners work together with you to ensure you get you results you expect. We have a reputation for been a welcoming and friendly place. We take time to get to know our clients because we care about them and their families. We believe in long lasting, meaningful relationships.

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Tracey Loc

Tracey is a devoted podiatrist specializing in heel pain, tendon pathologies, arch pain, and ingrown toenails. Her unwavering dedication to patient-centered care means she excels at understanding and addressing her patients’ unique needs. Her commitment to excellence and personalized care empowers patients to regain mobility and enhance their overall quality of life. You can trust Tracey to provide the specialized, compassionate foot and ankle care you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diabetes Australia recommends an annual visit to a podiatrist. Diabetes can lead to many foot related complications and it is important to identify these problems early. Our podiatrist can help to establish your blood supply and detect any nerve damage. Once all the results have been collaborated, a report is then sent to your GP. The diabetes assessment is performed every 3,6, or 12 months to ensure no changes have occured.

It is also recommended that people with diabetes should refrain from self treatment of pathological nails, callouses and corns as this may increase your risk of infection and potential long term complications.

The most common cause of heel pain is due to plantar fasciitis. Plantar fascitiis is a common condition that is brought on by multiple factors. These may include tight calves, certain foot types, sudden increased in activity, high BMI and inappropriate footwear. Pain in the heel is usually worst in the morning or after a long period of rest. Your podiatrist can help to diagnose and provide treatment to help alleviate your symptoms through strapping, footwear advice, orthotic therapy and targeted exercises.

Yes! Ingrown toenails occur when a section of nail digs into the skin creating a localised inflammation to the area. Without the removal of the nail spike, the pain and inflammation is unlikely to resolve. Our podiatrist can help in the removal of the nail spike and assist with the aftercare. The treatment will also include providing education on the correct nail cutting technique and advice to prevent recurrence. We are also professionally trained to perform nail surgeries under local anaesthetic when required.

Fungus is an organism that thrives in warm, humid and dark places. Your feet become very susceptible to its growth and can cause fungal nail and skin infections. The affected nail can appear thickened, discoloured and crumbled. Our podiatrist will help to assess and diagnose, take nail clippings for pathology, assist in cutting back and filing down to prepare for the antifungals.

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